Coding Portfolio

Natural Language Generative Models for Program Synthesis

  • Description: I worked with fellow students within the UC Berkeley EECS department on training LSTMs and other deep models to generate working Python code from natural language descriptions of programming tasks. This was a class project for CS 294-131: Special Topics in Deep Learning and is under active development.
  • Relevant Technologies/Skills: Python 3, Tensorflow, Keras, Deep Learning

Retina - Google Summer of Code

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  • Description: I participated in Google Summer of Code from June - August 2016, and built out a suite of scientific visualization tools called Fovea. The new project is called Retina and is hosted on my Github. If you're interested in creating dynamic, interactive visualizations using Matplotlib or Plotly then check it out! For those interested, you can view my accepted project proposal here.
  • Relevant Technologies/Skills: Python 3, Javascript, Jupyter, Git, Matplotlib, Plotly, OOP, Code Refactoring and Design, Machine Learning, Scientific Visualization

Machine Learning Tutorials

Under Development
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  • Description: A series of tutorials on Machine Learning that I'm putting together, to be complemented by blog posts on this site. So far all tutorials are self-contained entities in Jupyter Notebooks. Support for languages other than Python may be added at a future date. Feel free to clone the repo and run the tutorials as you read through the posts on this site! I hope to update and add more tutorials on a fairly regular basis.
  • Relevant Technologies/Skills:Python 3, Scikit-Learn, Jupyter, Matplotlib, Pandas, Machine Learning

Chip-8 Python Emulator

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  • Description: An emulator of the Chip-8 virtual machine run on some of the very first personal computers such as the Cosmac VIP and Telmac 1800.
  • Relevant Technologies/Skills: Python 3, Basic Computer Architecture Knowledge