About Me

I am a machine learning engineer and researcher, a bioinformatician, a professional content and tehnical writer, and a hobby mathematician. I am currently pursuing a research-based MS in machine learning and computational biology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison which I expect to earn by December of 2022. In May 2017, I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with my bachelor's degree in applied mathematics. After graduating with my BA, I spent four fun years working on exciting machine learning problems in industry. I most recently worked as a software engineer at Eli Lilly, working on their antibody discovery platform. In that role, I worked on both backend infrastucture using Python/Django and frontend using React.js. I also gained a lot of experience in designing distributed systems for large-scale drug discovery and genomics pipelines. Prior to that, I worked at Human Longevity, Inc., creating machine learning algorithms and scalable data processing pipelines for genomics with a particular focus on oncology. In my first industry role, I had the pleasure of working at machineVantage as a Machine Learning Researcher where I focused on developing deep learning models for natural language processing. A complete listing of my education and work experience can be found in my resume. I am interested in a wide spectrum of topics from a diverse set of fields including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computational biology, bioinformatics, drug discovery, and large-scale, distributed machine learning systems. I regularly blog about interesting topics in mathematics, machine learning, and computational biology.

Areas of Expertise

Roughly speaking, my expertise can be broken down into the following key areas.

Content and Technical Writing (Software/ML Focused)

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Differential Geometry

In addition to my academic interests, I enjoy running, cycling, playing guitar, piano, and drums, salsa dancing, writing creative fiction, and reading great books. I've written one full-length novel, and I'm working on my second. The books page hosts an application that pulls from my Goodreads feed and continuously aggregates the books that I am in the process of reading.

Countries I've Visited